Guidelines for Cardio Workout

Cardio Exercise Definition: cardio exercise is an exercise that helps to increase the heart rate and maintains the heart in the target zone. It greatly helps to keep the muscles in shape and burn the most calories and excess fat. The movement in the exercise helps to keep the muscle stronger and efficient.

The great thing about cardio is that no one has to do the work out for an hour; a little work out of about 15 minutes is enough to maintain proper heart function and reduced blood pressure.

Benefits of Cardio Exercise

Very few activities of cardio exercise for a short period is enough to maintain huge health benefits. Some of the few advantages of cardio work out include:

Cardio Exercise

  • Cardio exercise helps to be active for the whole day and promote confidence and a positive attitude
  • Greatly reduces the risk of heart attack, high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, etc.
  • Strengthens the heart to pump properly and reduces the fat and cholesterol
  • Burns fat, calories, and excess weight
  • Enhance good sleep
  • Expand lungs capacity and improves sex life
  • Increases the bone density and lowers the stress

Choosing a Cardio Exercise

Choosing the right cardio exercise fits for your personality helps for successive output. The most recommended options are running, walking, cycling, and outdoors. Choose the easily accessible exercise that is convenient for you.

Walking is an excellent choice for cardio exercise, the movement of the whole body helps for the best heart rate in heart zone. This is the easiest exercise that everyone can try as it doesn’t need any equipment or place to work out.

If you prefer to choose a gym, it has more accessible machines like treadmills, rowing machines, stationary bikes, pool, tumbles, etc. Elliptical trainers assist you for the best workouts and suggest the work out time for beginners.

Cardio Workout Hours

For beginners, it is highly recommended 15 minutes work out to the gradual increase of 45 minutes work out. To start with, choose an easy exercise like walking, treadmill, climbing upstairs, etc for about 15 minutes brisk walking at moderate intensity.

It takes time to build up the endurance of continuous workouts, but in practice it’s possible. For regular cardio workouts, it is suggested that the daily cardio duration of about 20 minutes to 50 minutes work out is more than enough to stay fit and healthy.

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