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Maintenance of hair care after swimming

Can you find a person who hates to play with water? I hope no one. From kids to older if everyone sees water they jump into the deep and get into the happy world. When playing with water places like swimming pools, beaches you should take care of your hair. Otherwise, it gets worse with chemicals like chlorides and salts in water.

Hair care protection:

No matter whether it is a boy or girl everyone’s beauty is behind the hair. No one likes to let their hair-thin, dry and rough. Seawater and swimming pools water cause damages to our hair. Most of the swimmers facing the same problem called hair fall, dryness, and split hair. To get rid of dry hair after pool you should follow pre and post-swimming hair care routine. Sometimes you feel lazy to do these things routine but once you fail to do; it leads to hair dry and damage.

Hair Care before swimming:

Before swimming, you should wash your hair with fresh water. Washing hair with fresh water before swimming will prevent your hair damage from chlorides and salts. You can use coconut or jojoba oil to prevent your hair from breakage and split ends, apply any one of these oils well from the top to bottom of your hair before washing your hair with fresh water. Applying oil before freshwater hair wash gives more protection from chlorides and salts.

Hair Care after Swimming:

You should take hair care after swimming. Once you have done your swimming in the pool or beach, again wash your hair with fresh water by using the best hair shampoo. After shampoo use conditioner to leave your hair moisturized. Apply hair serum after hair wash to get less breakage, shine and silky hair. Separate hair serums are available in shops but if you are a natural lover you can use natural hair serums like coconut oil, jojoba oil.

maintenance of hair care

Direction to use hair serum:

  • Artificial hair serum should apply in the wet hair
  • You shouldn’t apply the serum on the scalp; apply only in the mid-hair and the end-hair.
  • Coconut or jojoba oil should use in the dry hair. If you use coconut in the wet hair you will get cold.
  • You can use coconut oil on the scalp and it increases your hair growth.


Follow all these hair care tips after swimming to protect your hair from hair fall, dryness, breakage, and other hair problems. Invest in your hair because it’s the crown you never take off.

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