Hair maintenance after gym work out

Now-a-days hair problem plays a major role in each and everyone’s life. There are many agencies which cause hair loss are improper diet, pollution, stress, hormonal imbalance etc. Now a day the people takes gym workouts to stay fit. By doing workout they sweat this causes the hair dryness and hair loss.

Tips to restore freshness of hair:

Use right shampoo according to your scalp. Dry shampoo will clean your hair well, but don’t make it as regular. Make sure that you do this: wait for few minutes to dry you before brushing or styling, hold and spray at least six inches away from your hair and give rest for two to three days to your hair from a dry shampoo.

If you find that your scalp itchy from using shampoo regularly stops using shampoo and clean your hair with water and conditioner. Wash your hair with cold water that will help to restore freshness of hair after gym. Protective hair style to the gym will help your hair from getting messy.

Dos and don’ts for hair after workout

No need to wash your hair with shampoo daily, because by applying shampoo regularly after your workouts may dry your hair. It also makes your hair weak. Does shampooing every day will reduce the natural oil? By washing your hair with shampoo for twice or thrice a week and wash your hair with conditioner for rest of the days. Don’t tie your too tight; it may cause a hair fall. Use sulphate-free shampoo for your good and healthy hair.

restore freshness of hairA good hair care after gym workout will increase your hair’s life span. Wearing twist and braids are great for the gym, because they can easily be taken down for the washing. Dry sweat hair of root after your work out that will strengthen your hair. Simply use the shower cap before your bed the lighten heat which produced, will promote your hair growth quickly.

Hair hack post gym

Wear your hair style according your sweat level activity. Plait your hair one or two with loose braids before your workout. Use the right hair ties to preserve your hair from the damage. Apply dry shampoo before the workout. Avoid shampooing the hair after your post-workout hair care. If you need to wet your hair just clean with water in scalp and dry it with the towel. Blast your hair with cool air so that the sweat will dry quickly and keeps your hair healthy.

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