Types of Swim Caps

Hair Protection using swimming caps

As you know swimming cap is one of the swimming kits. Mostly we don’t use a swim cap while swimming because we never know about its advantages. All swimming pools water has chlorides in it. Chlorides are the real enemy to our hair. The best way to protect our hair from chlorides is to swim caps.

Know About Swimming Caps

Swimming caps are made with a rubber material. By using swimming caps you can prevent your hair from chlorides. Swimming caps are suitable for all genders whether they have long or short hair, if it is less than a 6-inch hair, swim cap isn’t a must. But if you have long hair you should wear a swim cap. It is available for various sizes. If you love your hair color then swim cap is your best friend because chlorides will make your hair color fades.

Benefits of Swimming Caps:

By wearing a swimming cap you have lots of benefits like,

  • If you have long hair, it will drag while swimming in the water, you are free from dragging the hair in the water.
  • Without swim- cap, hair falls on the forehead and eyes it disturbs.
  • It protects our hair from chlorides.
  • It leads to our hair dry.

How to use Swim Caps

Before using swimming caps you should wet your hair. If you have long hair it’s better if we use conditioner while wetting, because sometimes rubber caps will get stuck with your hair due to tightness. It removes strands of hair and also you feel hard while removing with that pain. So apply a generous amount of nourishing conditioner to your hair to ensure all strands and ends are coated but not so slippery that your cap will slip off.

The conditioner will repel water making it less able to soak into the sealed hair shaft. If you use swim headband underneath the swim cap it gives high protection possibility.

Types of Swim Caps:

There are many types of swim caps are available,

  • Silicone
  • Latex
  • Rubber
  • Lycra/Spandex
  • Neoprene

Most of the swimmers like to wear silicone and latex type because these are very tight and they don’t allow water inside the cap.


Hairstyles while using swim caps:

Bun, high ponytail and braids hairstyles while using a swim cap can be any one of these but you should tie high whatever hairstyle you choose. But the most common and easy hairstyles for swimming caps is a bun hairstyle.


Using Swim caps are the best solution to avoid chlorides. But we have cons for using swim caps like feeling annoy if they don’t fix it properly and you may feel too warm because of tightness and rubber material.

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