The Link between exercise and healthy hair

Regular exercise is the key to a healthy life. It boosts body metabolism and pumps a lot of energy throughout the body. A daily workout routine is the best cure for healthy living as it improves both mental and physical health and has a lot of other benefits which can go for pages. Exercising is that daily ritual which detoxifies the body from stress, pressure and impurities, a result of the fast-moving world. Added to these, exercise has a distinct relationship with healthy hair. Exercise help accelerate hair growth, but how, let’s jump into it.

The secret behind healthy hair

The fact of hair fall despite, following a healthy diet, proper hair nourishment and the right products can be heart drowning, but another key factor that is responsible for maintaining the hair is exercise which many fail to follow. Sports and healthy hair go hand in hand. Sports have a direct impact on body health. The status of the body health is reflected by the hair, therefore sports regulates the condition of hair. How sports affects hair growth is still an active area of research among scientists.

How does exercise actually regulate hair growth?

To answer this question understanding of the hair growth cycle is highly essential. The hair growth cycle has 3 stages. First, the Anagen phase lasts for up to 5-7 years, the phase of growth, hair follicles actively grows and proliferates. The second phase is the Catagen phase a transitionary phase of about one or two weeks during which elongation of the hair strand stops and the last is the telogen phase, during which the growth of hair strand completely stops, this is also called a rest phase. The whole cycle repeats again. Exercise increases blood circulation in the body, supplying fresh nutrients and oxygen to hair follicles in the scalp which are in actively proliferating stage. This enriches the hair follicles and encourages healthy growth.

hair growth

Escape from stress with exercise

Stress, is another key factor that affects hair growth. The solution to this problem again is exercise. While in stress,cortisol, a stress hormone is produced in excess that is responsible for many physical health problems like blood pressure, anxiety, muscle weakness, stretches on skin and hair fall. The production of cortisol can be easily regulated by the hormone serotonin, which is excessively produced during a workout session. Serotonin reduces stress thereby reducing the effects of stress on hair fall. Practicing small exercise schedules like cycling, jogging, yoga etc. along with balanced diet helps to maintain an active body and healthy hair.

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