Pinned Pixie

Easiest Sporty hairstyles for short hair

Short hair always presents with a sportive look. Most of you think long hair does have a lot many hairstyles. But Short hair is felicitous while go for sports and workouts. Here are some of the sporty hairstyles for short hair.

Pinned Pixie

A pixie cut is giving a sportive look. Pinned Pixie is easy hairstyles for short hair for sports. You just need a perfect gel and pins to secure the small hairs which fall on the face.

Top bun with Headband

It is one of the quite easy sporty hairstyles for short hair. You just pull all the hair and put a knot on top of the head. To avoid the bang hair falling on the face, you use the headband. Now this will be the perfect hairstyle for workouts.


This is one of the classic sporty hairstyles for short hair. You no need to spend much time either for high or low pony hairstyle.


Half Tight bun

Unlike the top knot, this style needs only half of the hair to be knotted on top of the head. It gives a stylish look. The other half is wavy in the air while doing the workout. It looks stunning.

Stubby Cornrows

For short hair, braided hairstyles also give the sassiest look. Stubby cornrows sustain your hair very neatly for a long time. No need to maintain much once done the cornrows.

Double buns

This seriously gives a cool look when you need to keep the bang hair up.

Retro headband

The headband is an essential accessory to grant you a retro look. Also, it keeps all your hair out of your face for a long time. It is extremely an easy hairstyle for short hair.

Stacked buns

Mostly loose bun hairstyle will give a messy look unless it is a stacked bun. Stacked bun hairstyle is a very well-groomed style. This style will go for both sport and casual.

Other braid styles like French braid, Double French braid, Dutch braids also looks cool look if you have a thick short hair. Choose any of these that you will feel cool and have fun in sport.

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