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The Toughest Olympic Sport

Swimming and water polo are the most fun sports that also help to keep fit and stay healthy. It is a low impact activity that has huge health benefits. In this article let’s see the difference between swimming and water polo.

Sports Swimming vs Water Polo

Sports Swimming: a sport swimming is one of the most popular sports in Olympic. The world is surrounded by water. Here swimming is a great passion for many sports personalities.

Water Polo: water polo is the most energetic game that has the influences of polo, rugby, and soccer. Water polo is a rich Olympic sport that adds tradition and health benefits.

Water Polo in the Olympics

Water polo was introduced in the Olympics in 1900. Great Britain was the inaugural winner in water polo. Women’s water polo was introduced in the year 2000 in which Australia was the first Gold Medal winner.

swimming vs water polo

Health and Physical Benefits of Water Polo

Here is the list of health, physical, and mental benefits of participating in water polo:

  • Helps in increased endurance as Water polo swimmers can swim upward 5km in a game
  • Water polo greatly helps in improved Cardiovascular Health
  • Provides flexibility, body toning, and improved muscle strength
  • Prevent injury, aches, and pains (being water polo is played in water which acts as a cushion on joints and muscles.)
  • Greatly helps in weight loss, as the player can burn 700 calories in one hour play.
  • Give physical fitness to the body and mental fitness to the brain

Sport swimming in Olympic

Swimming is the most enjoyable Olympic sport which has many participants, here the judges have the toughest time to select the best player for the gold medal. The pool size in competitive swimming is 50 meters. Common swimming styles are freestyle, sidestroke, breaststroke, backstroke, and butterfly.

Health Benefits

  • Helps in increased endurance as Water polo swimmers can swim upward 5km in a game
  • Builds endurance. Increase muscle strength, and helps for cardiovascular fitness.
  • Helps to maintain proper heart rate
  • Helps for tones strength and regular workouts
  • It helps to cool down body and mind.

Is water polo harder than swim?

In swimming, the whole body moves against the resistance of the water. But in water polo, swimming and polo games must be played. The players need more concentration in game play. Hence, Water polo is harder than swim.

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